Adams at The Corcoran

There is no doubting the impact Ansel Adams had on the photographic world. Ask anyone American on the street who their favorite photographer is (or if they don’t have one, to just name one) and the reply will more often than not be Ansel Adams.

Starting on September 15th of this year the Corcoran in D.C. will be showing 125 images made by Adams throughout his career. I am happy to see that there will be a sizable selection of images that are lesser known that his Iconic western landscapes, but is it wrong for me to say that I am bored to tears with Ansel?

But, from a money perspective, I guess if you’re looking to make money on admission tickets then it is best to show photographers that are well know to the population which surrounds the gallery/museum. The historic placer for Adams has already been set and verified many times over. Many books written about him and his work are the only sure finds in the Barns & Noble photography book section in any town. The Corcoran says that “Adams’ art has not been seen in a solo exhibition in Washington for 10 years.” This seems like a pretty short time frame for an artist who is dead, and whose art has not evolved since it was last seen in a solo exhibition in D.C.

Maybe I am just being cranky today……but I am tired of Adams…..but I am sure that I will pay to see the show.

Update:  On Jan 06, 2008 I viewed the exhibit at the Corcoran.  I am happy to report that I in fact enjoyed the show and was happy to see a few images that I had not see in person before.  You can see some of my other comments here (Nikonshooter).

**The above image is by Ansel Adams and linked to from the Ansel Adams Gallery site**


~ by Phil Nesmith on August 22, 2007.

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