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The post H&F feedback has been very slim, of course much less than any artist would have liked.  Even so, there has been some very nice input from some of the fellow artist who took the time to visit the gallery during opening.  Yesterday I received a very nice email from A.H. Krieger who is an established area artist.  He asked me some very interesting questions about my work, and I remember the deep look of contemplation as I spoke.  Speaking with him about my work was one of the real highlights of the opening for me because he was really listening to both my work and my words.  With his permission I have posted his message below.

 I was at the H&F opening on Saturday evening. Good to meet you, I asked you about the flag image. You spoke well and it was good to hear in your own words the foundation of your imagery – where you see it coming from, where you see it going and discoveries along the way. I wondered as you were speaking of others who have invested them selves in causes that they believed in, or came to believe in and how it transformed their being. Good and Bad the memories that will be with us for our entire lives and in some cases draw a shadow over everything we will see from this point on, never being innocent again. I have marched in different armies, I have chosen what I believe in sometimes one can do this, sometimes one never has the opportunity.

 I found your images powerful and compelling – timeless in this forever dilemma of the human race and its role as the high man on the totem pole, which reveals time and time again that we are truly always at the bottom looking up. Your images remind us of the individuals in these scenes, that they are committed, believers in limbo, right outside the cave.

A.H. Krieger


~ by Phil Nesmith on August 15, 2007.

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