The Opening

 By JT Kirkland

The H&F Fine Arts opening was this past Friday night, and I can say that it turned out well.  I was happy to see that I had many people that I knew show up for a walk through, although I feel bad about not being able to speed too much time with some of them.  There were many questions, and comments about my images which I was happy to hear.  Most of my time was spent answering questions about my time in Iraq, what led me to, and how I chose the dry-plate process to create the work, and what some of the images meant to me.  I very much enjoy talking about my work (most of the time), and it was very nice to see so much interest.

By JT Kirkland

The trip to the gallery was not that enjoyable to say the least.  It took Jennifer and I just over an hour and a half to make it to H&F from Arlington.  Needless to say there are quicker ways to cover that terrain from what locals tell me, but being pretty new to the DC area, I don’t have any knowledge of the secret routes yet.  Traveling in this area is the biggest problem I have with living here.  After ten years in the deserts of Arizona, my stress level has gone through the roof because of gridlock and very unpleasant drivers that rage down the roadways of this area.

By JT Kirkland

It was nice to see Shannon Chester and Joanna Knox again.  They are two other area photographers who had work in the show.  Joanna had a collection of large format interior work that she has been showing parts of over the past few months.  Shannon made some new work for the H&F show, and she told me she had a printing issue that got resolved at the very last minute, as in new prints being framed the day of the opening.  Talk about some stress!  It was great to see new work from Shannon, and I can say that the curator, J.T. Kirkland did a fine job at melding our works together into a single showing.  Just so you know, you have until September 9th to see the show, so take your time, but hurry up!

 All of the images in this post are by J.T. Kirkland and linked to from his blog Thinking About Art.  Go check it out to see more images from the opening.


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