Arizona Border……Sold! (not really)

Well, I have been working all night on image and delivery documents for a client tonight. I am still not done, but wanted to post something to the blog. There are a ton of emails in my various inbox locations that need to be answered, and if you are reading this, and waiting for a reply from me……it is coming…..for real, just hang in there.

Tonight’s work has been to prep for the delivery of an image to a local D.C. national level non-profit that is doing the prep work on their annual calandar for 2008. The organization has purchased publishing rights to one of my fav images from my time on the Arizona/Mexico border. You can see that image here along with the rest of my photo essay. The calandar is a short run of about 8000, and the image will be used at 8×10 for one of the 14 months. I look forward to seeing the results, and will publish a scan of it here when the project is complete.

The images that I made along the border have been popular with a large range of people and organizations. Although I no longer live along the border, I do hope to return to make more images of the border, and of the sights found in that area.

Ok…….I have got to get back to work!


~ by Phil Nesmith on August 8, 2007.

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