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I recently made a post about a soldier project that Ellen Susan is working on with solders from the 3rd Infantry Division (ID) in Georgia.  I sent Ellen an email, and she was kind enough to send back a nice reply (which I just remembered that I have yet to reply to).  In my post about her work I said that I had a very similar idea, but hadn’t moved forward with it as I have been trying to gather together all of the pieces, equipment, and chemicals I need to create the images I’ve been imagining. Since that post, and being reintroduced with Ellen’s work (I found it sometime late last winter), I have had some great conversations with other artist recently which have motivated me to move forward with my project— particularly as I’ve finally gotten the last few missing components, and my ideas have become morse solid

I need the help of wounded soldiers willing to share their stories, with the world.  I also need the help of people who know these soldiers, people that can help me find them.  That is where you, the reader of this blog come in.  Are you a wounded soldier, or a soldier that knows a buddy that has been?  Are you the parent of a wounded soldier?  Are you the best friend of someone who is recovering from combat (or other operational i.e. tactical vehicle accident) related injuries?  If you are, and you think the soldier that you know is someone who would like to share their feelings, then please send them my way.

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~ by Phil Nesmith on August 6, 2007.

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