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The past week has been a blast for me, but I am sure that you may be wondering why there has not been any new post to the Visual Adventure.  Well, as I wrote about a few post back, John Coffer (for information see the Links page) was hosting his Wet-Plate Jamboree at the Coffer homestead near Dundee NY.  I made the trip up and found the weather and the people great, and being around other wet-plate photographers and artist is always good for the creative mind.

We arrived in Watkins Glen at around 6pm last Friday and found a place to stay.  After the short 5 ½  hour drive we had plenty of time to have a nice meal and relax.  The other people that attended the jamboree had arrived three days earlier, which was the start of the gathering, and I wondered what they had been up to.  I would soon learn that there were people from all over the country at the Coffer farm, from places like Louisiana, Oklahoma, California, Wisconsin, Mississippi, and even a few from the D.C. area.The next morning we headed to the Coffer farm and found everyone making plates and moving there cameras around and asking people to pose etc.  Although most everyone had been making plates for a few days already, they all seemed to be as motivated as the time they had arrived (or at least how I think that would be).  After location John and making introductions I began the task of meeting people and looking at work being collected in the barn, which over the course of the gathering is transformed into a small gallery.There were a few people who I had “met” on the Internet that were at the jamboree and it was great to finally meet in person.  In addition to those meetings, I met a larger group of awesome, and funny people that I may have never ran across if not for Coffer’s annual wet-plate bash.  My plan is to highlight a few of the people that I met over the next few post to the blog, and I would like to start out with David Prifti….mostly called just Prifti.

Dave is a high school photography teacher and photographic artist, but beyond that he is a very approachable and funny guy who I had no idea exhisted in the world.  While looking through the barn at plates that had been put on display I was struck by a large plate of a dead bird, so much so that I wanted to see if I might be able to buy it.  Since most of the work did not have a name attached, I spent a bit of time asking random people if they had any idea who had made the bird plate.  Slowly I was able to put together the name Dave Prifti, and get a general idea of his location in the wet-plate tent town that had sprung up on Coffer’s farm.

Intros were made (although we had met just a short time ago, I just did not place the name with the face), and to make a long story short, the bird plate was not for sale……at least not yet.  I can still hold out hope right?  But beyond that I met a guy that I hope to remain friends with for a long time.  We spent time taking about our work, and I was very happy to know that he too has done some serious work with emulsions, and was very interested in my dry-plate work.  Prifti is very funny, and has the best job in the world, if only the rest of us could be so lucky in life!  Check out his site, and let him know that you found him through The Visual Adventure.

There are others that I will write about soon, and the afternoon that I spent with Matthew Larkin at the Black Barn Farm in MA is something that I cant wait to write about.  More to come soon, so keep coming back.

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~ by Phil Nesmith on August 2, 2007.

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