Wall Mountables Opening

The DCAC Wall Mountables opening in Adams Morgan last night was fun, and a great success for B. Stanley and DCAC with a ton of new memberships, and record opening sales over past Wall Mountable shows. The available spaces for artist to choose from also sold out in record time, with a total of 95 area artist cramming the small space with works of all types.

There were plenty of people there that I had met early on after my move from Arizona to the DC area because of Artomatic 2007. It was great to see these familiar faces, and catch up on what everyone had been working on. It was not long before the small space was crowded with both artist and art lovers, people standing shoulder to shoulder slowly heating the air with their bodies. Needless to say, this is when Jennifer and I made our departure to partake of some of the strongest margaritas found in the country.

I think that the new Dream series ferrotypes were received well by viewers at the opening. I did not spend too much time talking with people viewing the work because it was so crowded, and I was catching up with other friends. A few people that I did talk to about the work really enjoyed it, with most asking why the plates were not for sale. In the end I got what I wanted from my involvement, catching up with other people I know, meeting a few new ones, and seeing the reaction on peoples faces who viewed my work. Facial expressions always reveal so much more than words to me.


~ by Phil Nesmith on July 21, 2007.

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