Soldiers Wanted


I sought out last year to learn the wet-plate process because I had a project in mind that I wanted to do.  It was a project that had been in my mind in some form since my early days as a young paratrooper in the mid nineties,  I just did not know how to give the vision/idea life…..until I started to explore photographic processes from the 1800’s.  While in Iraq the visual idea started to grow, and in the few years after some of the visions in my mind started to become detailed.

Well, someone out there has a very similar idea, and they were in a position to take action before I was.  Her name is Ellen Susan, and she is a wet-plate artist and photographer living in Savannah Georgia.  She is working on a project of wet-plate images of 3rd Inf Division soldiers, and I really love some of the results.  Take a look at her site and behold some fine work!


~ by Phil Nesmith on July 19, 2007.

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