Digital Tintypes?

Well, just when you think that you have seen it all, something always comes along to prove you wrong.  While I was mining the net looking for dry-plate developer formulas I ran across something that I have been thinking of for hours now.  It would seem that the work that I, and other ferrotype artist put into their plates has been wasted!  I am all for using digital in and with my work, but……well, check it out for yourself:

 I love their top ten reasons metal is better than paper:

10  Metals weighs more than paper!
09  Paper is disposable, metal is a keeper
08  A knight in shining “paper”?!
07  No trees are sacrificed to make metal!
06  How impressive would a Congressional Paper of Honor be?
05  You can’t cut chocolate cake with paper!
04  Who ever heard of a heavy paper rock band?
03  You can’t make funny noises when you wave paper up and down!
02  Airplanes are made out of metal! Toilet paper is made of paper!
01  Metal is just way cooler than paper

Now please dont get me wrong, because I have thought about printing to metal via inkjet off and on in the past, but not with the idea of making something that was to look like  a tintype, or be marketed as one.  I wonder how many people are using this product for anything.


~ by Phil Nesmith on July 16, 2007.

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