12 Hours In The Dark

I am sitting here and it is nine minutes after 11pm. 12 hours after entering the darkroom I have emerged, stinking of chemicals, with little to report. Of the three 8×10 plates that I wanted to make for DCAC, only one is what I was looking for. The other two are tortured by freak happenings that at times add to the character of a plate, but in these cases, they ruin them.

While working the DCAC plates I thought that I would work on a few 8×10’s of images I have already used as 4×5’s. Of this effort, a total three images, one came out very nice. What about the others? Those plates will be cleaned to be reborn again.

Today is the first time I have tried some large scale 8×10 plate making, and I am amazed at how much more time and effort is involved. The larger plates require a shift in the flowing, and the drying time is much longer. A total of six 8×10 were made today, of which only two are of very good quality. These numbers are not much off of what I find with working 4×5 plates, but the amount of effort and supplies is much greater. Even with this I do like the look of the larger plates, and may find myself making more of them in the future when I am less rushed.

Thats it, the report for the day. If you think that you might like to see what I have made for the DCAC opening on July 20th, then head on down to Adams Morgan in DC and take a look. For details find the DCAC link in one of the post below……I am too tired to add links to this post. Time for sleep.


~ by Phil Nesmith on July 16, 2007.

One Response to “12 Hours In The Dark”

  1. Well you have some awfully nice ones to show for all that effort now 🙂

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