Space, Place and Time


Space, Place and Time: Joanna Knox, Shannon Chester, Phil Nesmith
Dates: August 9 – September 8
Opening reception: Friday, August 10 from 6-9pm

H&F Fine Arts is pleased to announce a group show of photographers Joanna Knox, Shannon Chester, and Phil Nesmith, each of whom are interested in exploring the delicate interplay between the places that define our lives, the spaces we inhabit, and the relentless passage of time that propels us through our days. Space, Place and Time runs from August 9 to September 8. An opening reception will be held on Friday, August 10 from 6-9pm.

Fascinated by abandoned structures, Joanna Knox explores vacancy and physical decay as symbols of human transience and mortality. Her evocative images of crumbling interiors study the subtleties of light and what it can reveal about the nature of change. Reverent of the spaces she examines, Knox’s haunting compositions mourn the absence of departed inhabitants while invoking the sacredness of space that once held life and lamenting the untold stories that resonate among the ruin.

Shannon Chester examines the intimate relationship between setting and inhabitant. Her subjects, often in repose, harmonize with their surrounding as if contiguous, organic elements of the space—whether a room, a bed, or a lush wash of foliage. Chester approaches her subjects with soft focus, capturing the profound intimacy and quiet of stillness. In contrast, her artful use of long exposures deftly reveals the inevitable, almost unconscious movement of our bodies through time—and space.

Former U.S. Army paratrooper Phil Nesmith volunteered for service in Iraq and spent a year shooting photos while living among soldiers in combat. The resulting work is vivid, honest, and unflinching—a bold presentation of the best and worst of human capability. Nesmith’s finished pieces are hybrid dry-plate ferrotypes made from digitally captured images. The result is a glimpse of modern conflict in the aesthetic of civil-war era photography; this disquieting compression of time speaks to the inevitable sameness of human conflict over eras.

Combined, the work of Knox, Chester, and Nesmith vibrates with the haunting collision of these themes, revealing the inextricable links between our temporal experience and the spaces we inhabit. The exhibition provides a unique glimpse through the eyes of three emerging artists whose work reveals a talent and vision that belies their youth.

** The above press release and card (front/back) was copied from the blog of J.T. Kirkland **


~ by Phil Nesmith on July 13, 2007.

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  1. […] with Joanna Knox and Shannon Chester for about a month starting this Friday.  For details see my prior post.  A limited number of my Iraq dry-plate work will be on display and availible for purchase.  […]

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