Plates to Pixels

Exciting news arrived not long ago, again via Flickr of an opportunity to grow the online footprint of my ferrotype work.  I was invited by fellow tintype artist and photographer (among other media) Blue Mitchell of the Pacific Northwest Center for Photography in Portland Oregon to a virtual gallery show.

The Pacific Northwest Center for Photography has started an online project called Plates to Pixels.  Their mission statement is:

To provide exhibition opportunities for emerging and established artists working in the photography arts.

This includes but is not limited to the alternative (archaic) photographic processes (Daguerreotype, cyanotype, platinum palladium, etc), traditional print processes (gelatin silver, chromogenic prints, etc), all digital photographic processes, and other mixed media photo-based art.

To provide educational resources to the public – spanning from the birth of photography to contemporary photography trends (plates to pixels) – through articles, online resources, web-based exhibitions and site specific exhibitions.

To feature historical and contemporary photographers through online photographic essays.

To instigate youth involvement in the photographic arts through education, workshops, and exhibition opportunities.

To initiate collaborative projects with other artists and site specific exhibition spaces.

To create an online forum for photographers to share processes, artwork, and words related to the mission and theme of Plates to Pixels.

I am extremely honored to have been picked to be one of the very first artist to shown in this project.  Because of the time I have been putting into the H&F Fine Arts show, my Iraq plates will be show at Plates to Pixels during the month of September.


~ by Phil Nesmith on June 29, 2007.

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