Oh yeah, I’m Serious

So, during Artomatic 2007 in Crystal City VA this year it was obvious that I needed to get a real website to showcase my work online.  Until that time I had been posting both my ferrotype work and my digital photography to Flickr.  Well, after talking to hundreds of people at Artomatic, I broke down and starting building the ferrotype site.


I enjoy having a dedicated place to showcase the ferrotypes that I make, but I also enjoy posting to Flickr because of the randomness of the contacts that I make through that site.  Through Flickr I have made friends with other artist/photographers that I would have never met otherwise.  I have also made new clients by having work on Flickr.  Recently I was contacted by YahooNews! And Focal Press through Flickr.  Flickr may not be a slick dedicated flash site, but I feel that it will remain a main conduit of activity for my online activities.  So, why did I get a dedicated site?  Because it would seem that a photographer is not taken too seriously if they don’t have a site.


Ok, so because I have put in all of this money and effort into an online outpost, you do understand that I am serious right?  Oh yeah, I am serious.  J


~ by Phil Nesmith on June 29, 2007.

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