In The Beginning……

…there was an empty blog.  I must be one of the very last people on the planet to be starting a blog.  Well, I am not one to blindly follow the crowd, but I feel that a blog would be a nice addtion to my ferrotype site at

 I will be using this space to share things about my ferrotype work, and as the name of the blog hints at, I will write about the visual adventure that is photography in general.  Do I have a firm idea about what is going to happen in the little speck of cyberspace (hell, do people even use that term anymore?)….nope….not at all.  Come back, and come back often to see how things shape up!

 So the last thing that I want to point out before I move on is some info about the header image.  It is a crop from a 4×5 dry-plate ferrotype (tintype) of a group of palmtrees in Baghdad Iraq.  To see the full image and others go check out my site if you have not been there already…..and if you have….GO BACK!




~ by Phil Nesmith on June 28, 2007.

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